About Us

         Burritos Juarez was opened over a decade ago by the Godinez family at the corner of Alameda Avenue and Raynolds St.  Since then the business has grown to include another location at the corner of Dyer St. and Cassidy St.  Burritos Juarez has always been proud to be a family-owned and operated small business.  All the recipes have been passed down through our family, and we are happy we can share them with all of you.  We pride ourselves on maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere where everyone can enjoy great Mexican food.  The food is prepared in front of the customer so they can see that their meal is prepared especially for them.  The flour tortillas used in our famous burritos and other dishes are made by hand daily in our restaurants and are available  for purchase by the dozen.  We hope you'll come down to either of our two locations to visit us and taste some of our authentic Mexican food.

History of the Burrito

          The word "burrito" is Spanish for "little donkey" and, to understand why, it is useful to know about the history of burritos.  A man named Juan Mendez used to sell tacos from a street stand in Ciudad Juarez, using a donkey to transport both himself and his food. This was during the time of the Mexican Revolution, in the early 1900s.  Mendez wrapped the food in a flour tortilla to keep it warm and he put these flour-wrapped snacks inside individual napkins.  Everyone loved Mendez's snacks and people came from other places near the Mexican border to taste the "food of the burrito" which became shortened to "burrito." 

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